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       Yield: 1 servings
            Yellow Squash
            Corn bread
       2 cn Cream of Chicken soup
       2 tb Butter/oleo
       1 lg Onion, chopped
       1 lg Bell pepper, chopped
     1/2 c  Celery, chopped
       4    Eggs (see directions)
       1 lb Velveeta (mexican)
            -(see directions)
            Salt & pepper, to taste
   I am sorry about the amounts...I haven't measured the
   ingredients, but after the first time you will have a
   better idea of how much to use.
   Make a 9 skillit of cornbread. let cool.  Take about
   4-8 yellow squash (depending on size, about 2-3 lbs)
   and boil until soft.  While the squash is cooking, put
   the cornbread in a bowl and cut with a butter knife
   (dull bladed dinner knife) until crumbly.  I know
   there are other ways to crumble it, but there really
   is a difference.  Melt butter in skillit, saute
   veggies until soft, let cool.  Mix soup with eggs (I
   use between 3 and 6 eggs depending on how it looks).
   Add cooled veggies, stir well. Stir into cornbread.
   Add squash and “enough” of the water.  Should be the
   consistancy of oatmeal. (lumpy & soupy at the same
   time)  Stir in salt & pepper.  Cut cheese into 1
   cubes and stir in.  People use between 1/2lb and 1 lb
   depending on how well they like cheese. I use the mild
   mexican, but others will prefer the hot.  Pour/slide
   into baking dish allowing at least 1-2 growing room.
   Bake at 350f until done, lightly brown, and not runny
   (from the eggs).  Allow to settle for 10-15 minutes.
   Note: I *hate* squash and I *hate* cornbread
   stuffing...but this is one of my favorite dishes.
   Recipe by Joan Mershon