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       Title: WILD GREEN SALAD
  Categories: Salads
       Yield: 6 servings
       4 c  Escarole leaves
            -=OR=- Curly Endive Leaves
            - (the inner white ones),
            - small Spinach Leaves,
            - Hearts of Romaine
            - or a mixture
       4 c  Mixed greens; such as:
            - tender Mustard Greens,
            - Radish Leaves, Arugula
            - Leaves, Watercress, Rock
            - Cress or Field Cress,
            - Nasturtium Leaves, tender
            - Dandelion Leaves, Dill or
            - Fennel Greens and Hyssop
            - Leaves and Blossoms
      20    Mint leaves
      12    Sorrel leaves
            - torn or sliced
       4    Scallions; chopped, -=OR=-
            -Newly-pulled Onions, sliced
     1/4 c  Sunflower seeds, toasted
       2 tb Plain or herbal vinegar
            - such as tarragon vinegar
       5 tb Sunflower seed oil
            -=OR=-Extra-virgin olive oil
            -=OR=- Walnut oil
   WASH AND DRY all the greens. Tear or cut them into whatever size you like,
   and put them into a large bowl with the scallions and toasted sunflower
   seeds. Pour over the dressing (RECIPE Follows) and toss well. DRESSING:
   Whisk everything together, taste, and adjust with more vinegar or oil as
   needed. ---