Waldorf Salad    No. 583                               Yields 6 Servings
                  The Salad:               1/2 Cup       Sugar
      1 Cup       Celery, Diced              2 Tbls      Melted Butter
      1 Cup       Apple, Diced               6 Tbls      Cream
      1 Cup       Tokay Grapes, Seeded       3           Eggs
    1/2 Cup       Walnut Meats             1/2 tsp       Prepared Mustard
                  The Dressing:              6 Tbls      Lemon Juice
      1 tsp       Salt                                   Fruit Juice
    1/3 tsp       Paprika
 The Dressing:
 Combine the salt, paprika, sugar, melted butter, cream, eggs and mustard in
 the top of a double-boiler.
 Beat well.
 Heat over - NOT IN - boiling water, while beating, until thick.
 Slowly add the lemon juice.
 Thin with fruit juice if required.
 The Salad:
 Cut the grapes in half and combine with the celery and apples.
 Add the nut meats.
 Blend in the dressing.
 Chill and serve.