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       Title: Minted Orange Salade
  Categories: Salads
       Yield: 4 servings
       5 lg Oranges
            -(We prefer the blood red
            -oranges, which give a
            -gorgeous ruby red color
            -to the salad)
       1 lg Red or yellow pepper cut
            -into small cubes (if you
            -use the red oranges, use
            -the yellow pepper, if you
            -use the yellow oranges, use
            -the red peppers)
       1 tb Snipped fresh mint
     1/4 t  Salt or fresh squeezed lemon
            Leaf lettuce or mix with
            -another lettuce to add
            -color and texture
       1 cn Mandarin oranges
   From Dewanne and Doug Hopson-Meriwether.
   Mix olive oil and a little juice from the canned mandarins and pour
   over finished salads and serve.