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       Title: MARTY'S 5 CUP SALAD
  Categories: Fruits, Salads
       Yield: 6 servings
       8 oz Sour cream
 ---------------------------USE CARTON TO MEASURE---------------------------
       1    Coconut;carton-full and:
       1    Mini marshmallows
 --------------------------DRAIN THE FOLLOWING WELL--------------------------
       1    Mandrin oranges;sml can
       1    Crushed pineapple;sml can
   Put the sour cream in a bowl. Fill the empty carton with coconut, add to
   sour cream. Fill the carton with mini marshmallows and add to bowl. Add the
   drained fruit. Mix well. Put in refrigerator over night. Serve the next
   day. This is a good make ahead of time dish. Then you aren't fussing with
   it when you have company. PS Please Dana, let this message go on the BB.
   Thanks! Marty:)