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       Title: Magic Pan Orange Almond Salad
  Categories: Salads
    Servings:  6
     1/4 c  Almonds; slivered
       2    Onions; green, chopped
       1    Lettuce; romaine
       1 c  Mandarin oranges; drained 1
     1/2 c  Mushrooms; sliced (optional
       1 tb Sugar
     1/2 ts Tarragon; dried
     1/3 c  Oil; vegetable
            -Salt & pepper
     1/8 ts Tabasco sauce
       1    Egg yolk
      Shaking constantly, toast almonds in skillet over low heat till golden
   brown (about 5 minutes). Was and dry lettuce. Tear into bite size pieces.
   Place with green onions and mandarin oranges in large salad bowl. Dressing:
   Combine all ingredients but egg and vinegar, add in thin stream and process
   till well blended.
   MAKES : 1 cup
   Just before serving, toss well. Leftover dressing keeps up to 1 week in
   Source : _Best Recipes Under the Sun_, from now defunct restaurant
   posted by Anne MacLellan