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  Categories: Pasta, Salads, Quick
       Yield: 6 Servings
      12 oz Ditalini or Elbow Macaroni
            -OR other medium pasta
            -shape, uncooked
     3/4 c  Plain, non-fat yogurt
     1/4 c  Fat-free mayonaise
      12 oz Smoked turkey, diced
       2    Celery sticks; diced
       1 md Granny Smith apple; diced
       1    Head greenleaf lettuce
            - leaves separated,
            - washed and drained
       2 oz Crumbled blue cheese
   Prepare pasta according to package directions. Drain
   and rinse with cold water.
   Put the yogurt and mayonaise into a food processor or
   blender and whirl until smooth. Set aside. In a large
   bowl, stir together the pasta, smoked turkey, celery
   and apple. Add sauce and toss until evenly coated.
   Cover serving platter with lettuce leaves and spoon
   pasta onto the leaves. Sprinkle with blue cheese, toss
   lightly and serve.
   Each serving provides: 477 Calories; 28.5 g Protein;
   76.7 g Carbohydrates; 5.4 g Fat; 30.9 mg Cholestrol;
   1095 mg Sodium. Calories from Fat: 10%
   Copyright National Pasta Association
   (http://www.ilovepasta.org) (Reprinted with permission)