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       Title: Brady’s Coleslaw
  Categories: Salads
       Yield: 6 servings
     1/4 c  Currants
     1/4 c  Low Cal. Mayonnaise
     1/4 ts Celery Seeds
     1/8 ts Pepper
       4 c  Shredded Green Cabbage
            (About 10 Oz.)
     1/2 c  Shredded Carrot (1 Medium)
     1/2 c  Finely Slivered Green
     1/2 lg Pepper
     1/4 c  Cider Vinegar
       4 ts Low Cal. Mayonnaise
       1 tb Minced Onion
       2 ts Lemon Juice
       2 ts Sugar
     1/4 ts Celery Seed
     1/8 ts Salt
            Pepper To Taste
   1. in A Small Bowl Combine Cabbage, Carrot & Green Pepper.2. in A
   Small Bowl, Combine Vinegar, Mayonnaise, Minced Onion, Lemon Juice,
   Sugar, Celery Seed, Salt (If Desired) & Pepper.Mixing Them Well &
   Pour Dressing Over Cabbage Mixture.  Toss The Slaw And Chill It For
   At Least 2 Hours, Tossing It Again Just Before Serving.
      Dressing Is Excellent With Other Salads.