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       Title: Sprouting Seeds with Carrot Salad & Cottage Cheese.
  Categories: Salads
       Yield: 1 servings
   1 ts Sesame or hazelnut oil. 1 ts Poppy or sesame seeds. Few drops of
   vinegar. Salt and pepper. 1 lg Carrot grated. Half an ounce 15 g
   sultanas Or raisins. Quarter of box of mustard And cress. 1 oz 30 g
   bean sprouts. 1 oz 30 g sprouting alfalfa seeds 1 Stick celery
   chopped. Few drops of lemon juice. 2 oz 60 g cottage cheese. Celery
   leaves to garnish.
   1. Mix together the oil, poppy or sesame seeds and vinegar. Season
   with salt and pepper and add the grated carrot and sultanas or
   raisins tossing well.
   2. Mix together the mustard and cress, bean sprouts  alfalfa seeds and
   celery, sprinkling with a little lemon juice and some salt and pepper
   to taste.
   3. arrange the carrot salad and the sprouting seed mixture on a
   serving plate. Add the cottage cheese and serve garnished with celery
   Preparation 10 minutes.
   Serves 1: 200 calories.
   Selections 1 fat half fruit 1 protein 2 vegetables 15 optional