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       Title: Eggplant Salad
  Categories: Salads, Vegetables
       Yield: 6 Servings
       2 md Eggplants
       1 t  Lemon juice
     1/4 c  Minced red onion
       2 c  Chopped tomatoes
       1 c  Diced celery
     1/2 c  Chopped walnuts
     1/2 c  Vinaigrette dressing
            Romaine or Bibb lettuce
       2    Hard-cooked eggs
   Peel and cube eggplant.  cook in salted water with lemon juice.  When
   eggplant is tender, drain and cool.  Mix with onion, tomatoes, celery,
   walnuts and salad dressing.  Chill.  Serve on lettuce, garnished with
   hard-cooked eggs and olives.