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       Title: Turnip Slaw
  Categories: Salads, Vegetables
       Yield: 6 Servings
     1/2 c  Mayonnaise
       3 T  Sour cream
       2 ts Tarragon vinegar
       1 ts Prepared mustard
       1 ts Sugar
            Dash of salt
     1/4 ts Celery seed
     1/4 ts Pepper
       1 ts Chopped fresh dill or 1/2
            -teaspoon dried dill
       1 lb White turnip, peeled and
            -shredded (4 cups)
   In a large bowl, stir together the mayonaisse, sour cream, tarragon
   vinegar, mustard, sugar, salt, celery seed, pepper, dill, and turnip.
   Mix well and refrigerate until needed.
   NOTE:  The turnip is a neglected root, a vegetable that is never
   discussed, and rarely seen in public.  Here it gets its proper due in
   a recipe that sets off the little bite in its flavor and the little
   crunch of its texture.  Use it wherever you would coleslaw.
                                           CUNNINGHAM, Marion
                                           The Supper Book
                                           Alfred A. Knopf
                                           New York
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