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       Title: San Nazzaro Salad
  Categories: Italian, Salads
       Yield: 4 Servings
       4 lg Potatoes
       8    Stalks celery w/ leaves,
       1 md Onion, sliced
       6    Plum tomatoes, quartered
       4    Garlic cloves, chopped
            Salt/coarse grind pepper
       1    Green pepper, chopped
       1    Red pepper, chopped
       1 t  Oregano
     1/2 c  Olive oil
     1/4 c  Wine vinegar
   Boil potatoes with skins on until cooked firm, about 25 minutes. Peel
   skins while still warm. Cut each potato into 8 pieces. In a large
   bowl, toss potatoes with celery, onion, tomatoes, garlic, pepper,
   oregano, olive oil, wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Let stand for
   15-20 mminutes. Add more oil if potatoes become dry.