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       Title: Vermicelli Salad
  Categories: Pasta, Salads, Healthy and, Vegetarian
       Yield: 12 servings
        12 oz vermicelli
       1/2 c  sweet pickle juice
         6 oz French salad dressing
         2    garlic cloves -- mashed
         1 TB poppy seeds
         1 ts celery seed
         1 ts caraway seed
       1/4 ts cayenne pepper
       1/2 ts salt
       1/2 lb diced celery
         1 bn green onions -- chopped
       1/4 c  fresh parsley -- chopped
   Break vermicelli into 1 pieces, and cook according to
   package directions. Mix pickle juice, French dressing,
   garlic, and seasonings and pour over warm vermicelli.
   Chill. One hour before serving, add celery, green
   onions and parsley.
   Recipe By     : Elizabeth Powell