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       Title: Tabbouleh With Raisins
  Categories: Ethnic, Salads
       Yield: 4 servings
         1 c  bulgur
       2/3 c  scallions -- sliced
       1/2 c  fresh parsley -- lightly
   :          packed
     2 2/3 TB fresh lemon juice
       3/8 c  seedless raisins
     1 1/3 TB corn oil
     1 1/3 TB sesame oil
   :          black pepper -- to taste
   1. In a large mixing bowl, pour boiling water over
   bulgur just enough to cover. Let set for 20 minutes
   until water is absorbed and bulgur is tender. 2. Drain
   excess water from bulgur and squeeze out any remaining
   water, using your hands. 3. Add sliced scallions,
   chopped parsley and fresh lemon juice to bulgur. Mix
   well, then add remaining ingredients and blend.
   Recipe By     : Jo Anne Merrill