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       Title: Imperial Valley Salad Bowl
  Categories: Salads
       Yield: 6 servings
         1    head Romaine lettuce
       1/2 c  cheddar cheese, shredded
         2    tomatoes
         3    green onions
       1/2 c  black olives -- chopped
       1/2 c  jicama
       1/2 c  alfalfa sprouts
       1/2 c  beets -- sliced
   1. Wash, dry and tear romaine into bite-size pieces.
   Put into a salad bowl. Sprinkle half the shredded
   cheese evenly over greens. 2. Prepare vegetables: chop
   tomatoes into bite-size pieces; slice green onions,
   using part of the green tops; cut jicama into thin
   strips; drain beets very thoroughly and cut into thin
   strips. 3. Layer all the vegetables and then black
   olives and alfalfa sprouts. Sprinkle remaining cheese
   over top.
   Optional: 1/2 cup drained red kidney beans, chopped
   hard-boiled egg and some crisp croutons or broken corn
   chips placed on top of salad.
   Recipe By     : Jo Anne Merrill