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       Title: David Vano’s Caesar Salad
  Categories: Salads
       Yield: 1 servings
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   I have made my own caeser salad for over 20 years. I
   learned it from a friend and I have made a few changes
   that have improved it. I order caesar salad when I see
   it on the menu and to be honest, mine is the best.
   Start with a medium head of romaine lettuce. Holding
   head firmly, cut 1/2 off botton and then cut entire
   head in 1 slices. Put in cold water. Let sit while
   preparing dressing.In a very large wooden bowl add the
   following: 3 strip of anchovie paste; 1 coddled egg
   (a must); the juice of 1/2 lemon; 4 T balsamic
   vineger; 5 T olive oil (I do not use extra virgin
   because it does not have the taste; the less
   expensive, more pressed olive oil is my choice); 1-2
   cloves or garlic pressed; 1/2 t seasoned salt; 1 T Lea
   and Perrin; Tobasco to taste, 4-5 drops; 2-3 T
   parmasean cheese fresh grated (never out of a box);
   your favorite croutons. Start with the garlic and
   anchovy paste. Mix in bowl with all liquids; add
   remaining ingredients; put in croutons to let sit in
   liquid for a few seconds. Thoroughly dry lettuce (use
   spinner if you have one) and put in bowl. Toss until
   all lettuce is coated. Add fresh groung pepper (I like
   a lot) and a few more croutons. Serve immediately.
   Offer more pepper. Please note that you cannot make
   this ahead; it will be no good in 1-2 hours. Also, if
   you do not eat all salad throw out remaining. Romane
   lettuce gets very bitter and cannot be left over.
       David Vano
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