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       Title: Buffet Make-Your-Own Salad
  Categories: Poultry, Salads, Brunch
       Yield: 10 servings
         2    chickens -- cooked, * see
   :          note
         4 c  cooked rice
         3 cn chow mein noodles -- large
   :          cans
         5 c  gravy -- ** see note
         3 c  celery -- diced
        10    green onions -- sliced
        16 oz pineapple chunks in juice --
   :          drained
         2 c  cheddar cheese -- shredded
         1 c  toasted almonds -- slivered
     1 1/2 c  toasted coconut
         1 c  black olives -- chopped
   * Broiler-fryer chickens. Cook, skin, bone and cut
   into bite-sized pieces. ** Use chicken gravy or
   combination of broth, chicken soup and gravy.
   Heat chicken and gravy together. Place in pretty
   serving or chafing dish. Place other items in a
   decorative fashion on buffet table. Guests can build
   their own salads using these ingredients. This can be
   made in advance and stored separately, ready to
   assemble when needed.
   Recipe By     : Jo Anne Merrill