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       Title: Mock Lobster Salad
  Categories: Salads
       Yield: 5 servings
            Patdwigans fwds07a
       2    # fresh tomatoes, fresh
            Tomatoes are preferred, but
            You can substitue 2 16 oz
            Cans tomatoes
       1    Green bell pepper finely
       4    Ribs celery chopped
     1/2    Medium onion finely chopped
   1 1/2    Cups cracker crumbs
   1 1/2 tb Mayonnaise or to taste
       2    Hard cooked eggs
            [peeled and chopped]
            Leaf lettuce, rinsed and
            Drained well.
   Rinse tomatoes; chop into small pieces [if using
   canned tomatoes, drain then mash or chop]. Add green
   pepper, celery and onion to tomatoes. Add enough
   cracker crumbs to absorb tomato juice. [with juicy
   tomatoes, it is quite possible you'll need moer than 1
   1/2 cups of crumbs] ADD 1 T mayonnaise to tomatoe
   mixture. Mix well. Add remaining 1/2 T mayonnaise, if
   needed to give salad desired consistency. Add eggs,
   toss lightly, refo until well chilled. Serve on
   lettuce leaves.