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 Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:00
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    4       sm           Round zucchini
    4                    Baby artichokes
    4       lg           Cherry tomatoes
    4                    Zucchini flowers
                         For the tomato coulis:
      1/2   c            Extra virgin olive oil
    2       tb           White onion
    1       t            Garlic cloves
    1       c            Vine-ripened tomatoes
                         Salt to taste
                         Pepper to taste
    1       tb           Sherry vinegar
                         For the fritters:
    1                    Log farm fresh goat cheese
                         (8 ounces)
    4       tb           Mascarpone cheese
    1       tb           Italian parsley
    1       tb           Chives
                         Salt to taste
                         White pepper to taste
    1       c            Panko bread crumbs
                         For the salad:
    4       c            Mesclun greens
    1       tb           Sherry vinegar
    1       tb           Extra virgin olive oil
                         Salt to taste
                         Pepper to taste
   Preparation of the vegetables:
   Blanch zucchini and artichoke. Remove middle and stuff
   with appropriate filling. Peel and hollow tomato and
   fill zucchini flower. Steam zucchini flower 30
   seconds. Chill and reserve.
   Preparation of the fillings:
   Zucchini: Diced zucchini with scallions and thyme,
   parmigiano reggiano. Tomato: Chopped confit tomato,
   roasted garlic and fresh basil. Artichoke: Diced
   artichoke, sage, and black olive relish.
   Zucchini Flower: Eggplant caviar with parsley.
   Preparation of the tomato coulis:
   In a heavy sauce pan, heat 1 tablespoon of extra
   virgin olive oil. Add the white onion and garlic
   cloves. and sweat over medium heat for five minutes.
   Add chopped tomato and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove
   from heat, purJe, and add seasonings, vinegar, and
   remaining olive oil. Strain and serve chilled.
   Preparation of the fritters:
   Mix the goat cheese and mascarpone with the herbs and
   seasonings. Roll into a cylinder and refrigerate. Cut
   into 1 1/2-inch tubes and bread lightly with panko
   bread crumbs. Fry in extra virgin olive oil. Drain and
   reserve warm.
   To finish the dish:
   Place warm goat cheese fritters on the chilled greens.
   Combine the sherry vinegar, oil, and salt and pepper.
   Place stuffed chilled vegetables around and drizzle
   with both sauces. Serve chilled.
   Yield: 4 servings
   Recipe By     : CHEF DU JOUR SHOW #DJ9333
                         For the vegetables:
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