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  Categories: Salads, Poultry
       Yield: 2 servings
 ----------------------HOISIN DRESSING----------------------
       3 tb Rice vinegar
     1/4 c  Salad oil
       1 tb Hoisin sauce
       2 ts Sesame seeds
       2 ts Minced fresh gingerroot
            Napa/Savoy cabbage leaves
       2 c  Mai fun *
       1 c  Finely shredded carrots
       2    Lg cooked chicken breasts*
     1/2 c  Sugar snap peas **
            Vegetable garnishes ***
   *Note: Mai fun should be prepared according to
   package directions.
   *Chicken breasts should be skinned, boned and cut into
   thin slices. **Snap peas should be blanched and
   chilled. ***Suggested vegetable garnishes: Japanese or
   regular cucumber slices, straw mushrooms, carrot
   flowers. Combine vinegar, oil, hoisin sauce, sesame
   seeds and gingerroot in jar with lid. Cover and shake
   well. Chill. Meanwhile, to make salad, for each
   serving, line plate with cabbage leaves and over them
   arrange layer of mai fun. Then arrange shredded
   carrots, chicken slices, sugar snap peas and vegetable
   garnishes on plates as desired. Shake dressing again
   and pass at table.