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  Categories: Salads, Apples
       Yield: 4 servings
            -Don Fifield xkgr41a
       2 tb Apple-cider vinegar
       2 ts Coarse mustard
       2 ts Honey
       1    Shallot; chopped
     1/2 ts Black pepper
     1/4 c  Canola oil
       1    Celeriac root
       2 tb Lemon juice
       2    Green apples; shredded
     1/3 c  Nonfat yogurt
     1/4 c  Red onions; diced
       2 c  Spinach; shredded
       1 c  Radish; sliced
   Place the vinegar, mustard, honey, shallots, and
   pepper in a blender container. Process on high speed
   until well mixed. With the blender running, slowly
   pour in the oil to form an emulsion.
    Trim and wash the celeriac. Cut into a fine julienne
   and place in a lg bowl.  Add the lemon juice and
   combine well to keep the celeriac from discoloring.
   Mix in the apples, yogurt, onions, and dressing.
    Serve on a bed of spinach with the radishes.
    The Healing Foods Cookbook