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       Title: Red Beans and Rice #4
  Categories: Diabetic, Rice, Main dish, Vegetables, Beans
       Yield: 4 ser (1 cup)
       2 cl Garlic; minced                      2 ts Tabasco sauce;
     1/3 c  Onion; diced                        2 c  Brown rice; cooked
     1/8 ts Cayenne;                            2 c  Red beans; cooked
     1/8 ts Cumin;                              1 c  Ham; cooked and diced
     1/8 ts Chili powder;                  
   In a large pan, saute garlic and onion with seasonings.  Add rice,
   beans and ham; cook over medium heat.  Stir in approximately 1/4 cup
   water or liquid from beans.  Cook until heated through.
   Serves:  4 (1 cup servings)
   Calories: 306 Protein: 19 g Fat: 4 g Carbohydrates: 48 g Fiber: 10.4 g
   Cholesterol: 21 mg Sodium: 555 mg (high in sodium) Potassium: 731 mg
   Exchange:  3 starch/bread 1 medium-fat meat