4-5 lbs potatoes - Must be the firm waxy type.
 2-3 large “Spanish” onions
 1 small jar of midget gherkins
 1 small jar of capers
 6 hard boiled eggs
 1 1lb jar french mayonaisse
 Boil the potatoes until just tender. Drain, drench with cold water for a 
 minute or so to stop any further cooking, and leave to get cold (or at 
 least cool). Peel or scrape the potatoes - try to rub the skins off, 
 don't cut any more flesh away than absolutely necessary. Slice about 1/4 
 inch thick into a large bowl. After 4 or 5 potatoes, slice an onion into 
 1/4 ring slices, not too thinly, and add. Then add a dessert spoon of 
 capers and some of the gherkins, sliced lengthways. Add a large 
 serving spoon of mayonaisse, plenty of salt and some ground black pepper 
 and mix together. N.B.- Ensure you only have a THIN coating of mayonaisse 
 over everything - too much makes it very creamy and sickly.
 Repeat until all the potatoes and onions have been used up. Don't worry 
 if you have some capers or mayonaisse left over, you can always add more 
 if you want.
 Chop the eggs roughly and add to the salad.
 Mix everything thoroughly and salt well. Leave in the fridge overnight to 
 allow the flavours to mingle.
 On removing from the fridge for serving, mix again, taste and, if 
 necessary, add more salt to taste - the potatoes absorb it quickly and 
 the salad would otherwise be tasteless.
 If you want, cut some more hard boiled eggs into 1/4s lengthways and 
 decorate the top of the salad. Also sprinkle it with either paprika or 
 chopped parsley.