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    2       c            Fruit puree
   Line a cookie sheet (12 x 17 inches) with plastic
   wrap. This size cookie sheet holds approximately 2
   cups of puree. Spread puree or fruit leather evenly
   over the plastic but do not push it completely to the
   sides. Leave a bit of plastic showing for easy
   removal. Place on a card table or picnic table in the
   hot sun to dry. If the plastic is bigger than the
   cookie sheet and extends up the sides, anchor it with
   clothes pins so it will not flop down and cover the
   edges of the leather. Puree should dry in the sun six
   to eight hours. The heat of the sun and the humidity
   make drying time variable. Puree and fruit leather may
   be dried in an oven set at 140 degrees (F). Too high a
   heat will disintegrate the plastic. Leave the oven
   door ajar so moisture can escape. It takes about six
   hours in the oven. It can also be placed in the back
   window of a car and dried. Leave the car windows open
   about 1 inch. To make sure the fruit leather is
   completely dried, pull from the plastic wrap or touch
   to see if the fruit leather is “tacky.” Purees without
   sugar will be much drier and more brittle. If it is
   not completely dry it will mold during storage. When
   the fruit leather becomes too dry, it will crack and
   crumble and won't roll, but is still good to
   eat....call it “fruit chips.” STORING PUREE AND FRUIT
   LEATHER Roll fruit leather loosely in plastic wrap and
   store in the cupboard. To store puree without sugar
   for other uses, break it into small pieces and store
   in plastic bags in a dry, cool place or in the freezer.
   Rose hip powder may be made by crushing dried puree
   with a rolling pin until it is fine enough to suit
   you. This may be stored in small jars in a cool, dry
   place. It is good to sprinkle over cereal and to
   include in hot cakes and other dishes.
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