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       Title: Fresh Fruit Platter
  Categories: Fruits, Desserts
       Yield: 6 servings
       8 oz Plain yogurt
     1/2 c  Aunt Jemima Syrup
            -OR- Lite Syrup
       2 tb Lemon juice
     1/4 ts Cinnamon
       2 md Bananas; sliced
       2 c  Halved strawberries
       2 c  Pineapple chunks
       2    Kiwifruit or small oranges
            -- sliced
   For dressing, combine yogurt, syrup, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and cinnamon;
   mix well.  Chill until ready to use.
   Dip banana slices in remaining lemon juice.  Arrange with remaining fruit
   on platter.  Garnish with mint leaves, if desired.  Serve with dressing.
   * calories 197
   * carbohydrates 44 g
   * protein 3 g
   * fat 1 g
   * calcium 90 mg
   * sodium 50 mg
   * cholesterol 2 mg
   * dietary fiber 4 g
   Source: “Hurry, Let’s Eat!”
   Reprinted with permission from The Quaker Oats Company
   Electronic format courtesy of Karen Mintzias