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 Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Fruits
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    4                    Applesauce Creams. Heat
                         -applesauce. Top with
                         -whipped cream, marshmallow
   (If canned, chill quickly in freezing tray
   Frosties. Slice block of frozen raspberries, peaches,
   or strawberries 1/2 thick. Top each serving with
   sprinkling of nuts, whipped cream, or sour cream.
   Cheese Bowls. Top bowlful of cottage cheese with
   cherries, peach slices, berries, or applesauce.
   Banana Treats. Split each peeled banana lengthwise;
   top with pineapple chunks, crushed pineapple, or whole
   or sliced strawberries. Pass spiced, whipped cream.
   Peach-Crumb Dessert. Drain 1 No. 2 1/2 can cling-peach
   halves. Spoon halves into dessert dishes. In saucepan,
   melt 1 tablesp. butter or margarine, stir in 1/2
   teasp. cinnamon and 1 cup soft day-old-bread crumbs;
   toss until golden. Add 2 teasp. brown sugar; toss
   well. Spoon hot crumbs into peach halves; serve
   immediately, with whipped cream. Makes 4 servings.
   Polka Dot. In sherbet glasses, place, in layers,
   jellied-cranberry-sauce cubes, pineapple chunks, and
   Bowl Compote. Combine 1 or more 8-oz. (buffet) cans
   apricots, pears, Bing cherries; add few raisins.
   Some-Like-It-Hot Fruit
   Peach-Marlow. Fill peach halves with crushed
   pineapple; top with marshmallows. Broil. Serve hot.
   Broiled-Fruit Medley. Sprinkle pineapple slices and
   peach halves with brown sugar, dot with butter or
   margaripe. Broil. Serve hot, with whipped cream.
   cream, or ice cream; then sprinkle with a spice. Or
   stir in snipped marshmallows.
   Spiced-Fruit Compote. Drain syrup from 1 No. 303 can
   apricots or peaches and 1 No. 2 can sour cherries. To
   syrups, add 1 stick cinnamon, 6 whole cloves. Cook 5
   min. Pour over fruit. Serve warm or cold.
   Dried-Fruit Supreme. Heat cooked, mixed, dried fruits;
   add rum extract. Serve hot, with whipped cream.
   Spiced Apricots. Drain syrup from apricots; add lemon
   peel, 6 whole cloves. Heat. Pour over fruit.
   Marmalade Fruits. Drain syrup from peaches, pears, or
   pineapple chunks or tidbits; add spoonful orange
   marmalade. Heat. Pour over fruit. Serve hot or cold.
   Nutted Apple. Heat canned apple slices. Sprinkle with
   salted peanuts. Serve hot, with cream.
   Baked Apples. Top canned baked apples with heated
   mincemeat. Or top with marshmallows; broil.
   Frozen-Fruit Sautes. Saute canned peach halves or
   pineapple slices in butter or margarine. Top with ice
   cream; then pour on some syrup from fruit, with mint,
   sherry, or rum extract added.
   Compote de Luxe. Heat together 2 or 3 8-oz. (buffet)
   cans of different fruits. Flavor with lemon juice,
   vanilla extract, nutmeg. Serve hot, topped with sour
   cream and grated chocolate or shaved nuts.
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