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  Categories: Fruits, Desserts, Alcohol
       Yield: 2 servings
            -Virginia Housewife, 1831
    “Take freshly gathered Apricots not too ripe; to Half their Weight of loaf
   Sugar, add as much Water as will cover the Fruit; boil and skim it: then
   put in the Apricots, and let them remain five or six Minutes; take them up
   without Syruup, and ;ay them on Dishes to cool; boil the Syrup till reduced
   one Half; when the Apricots are cold, put them in Bottles, and cover them
   with equal Quantities of syrup and French Brandy. If the Apricots be
   clingstone, they will require more scalding.” Source: Mrs. Mary Randolph’s
   Virginia Housewife, 1831
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