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       Title: Fruits Afire
  Categories: Fruits, Desserts, Alcohol
       Yield: 8 servings
       1 lb Canned pears
       1 lb Canned whole apricots
       1 lb Canned Bing cherries
       2 tb Lemon juice
       1    Cinnamon stick
     1/2 c  Apricot preserves
       6 tb Rum
   Drain pears, aprictos and cherries, reserving syrup. Combine syrups
   in a saucepan with lemon juice, cinnamon stick, apricot preserves and
   2 tb of the rum. Bring to a boil and cook until reduced by half.
   Remove cinnamon stick and pour over fruits. Refrigerate until about
   30 minutes before serving. Place fruit and syrup in an oven proof
   casserole. Cover casserole and heat in a 350~F oven just until fruit
   is hot, about 5 minutes. Warm remaining 4 tb rum. At the table,
   ignite the rum and pour flaming over the fruit. Serve when flames
   have died out.