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                       STEWED FIGS -- WITH VARIATIONS
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   The easiest and most popular method of preparing
   California figs is by stewing -- and there are many
   delightful variations on this delicious theme. Rinse
   and drain figs, cover generously with water, cover the
   pan, and cook slowly over low heat for 35 minutes.
   Add sugar if you wish after cooking.
   To vary:
   Add a half-slice of orange for every six figs.  Simmer
   five minutes more. Serve room warm.
   Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice for every four or five
   figs, with a piece of lemon rind.  Simmer five minutes
   more.  Serve either warm or chilled.
   Add 1 teaspoon California sherry for every six figs,
   after figs are thoroughly cooked.  Chill before
   Add either a piece of gingerroot or stick of cinnamon
   to cook slowly with figs.
   Stewed figs will keep very well in the refrigerator
   for use at breakfast, as a meal-starter, or as a
   healthful and delicious dessert.
   Source: 48 Family Favorites with California Figs
   Reprinted with the permission of The California Fig
   Advisory Board Electronic format courtesy of Karen
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