3 cups dried black beans, soaked and cooked
 3-4 ears corn, cooked and cut off the cob (next time, since corn is
   out of season, I'll use frozen)
 1-3 bell peppers, preferably yellow or red (the first time I made this,
   before red peppers were in season, I used a jar of roasted red peppers),
 juice and grated rind of 1 orange
 balsamic vinegar
 herbs and/or spices
 Mix everything together, and let sit for flavors to mix.  This time I
 seasoned it with finely chopped fresh ginger and fresh thyme; other times
 I've used rosemary and thyme (because that’s what I had fresh); there are
 probably dozens of tasty combinations.  I have only the vaguest idea of
 how much balsamic vinegar I used, since I didn't measure it; it was at
 least 1/4 cup but probably more; I just went by taste.
 I served it as a salad (it makes lots; I've been using this all year as
 a potluck dish) but it is also good heated and served over rice (that’s
 what I did with the leftovers).