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      Title: Swedish Beef Roast
 Categories: Main dish Meats
   Servings:  6
       1 T  Butter                              5 lb Beef chuck or rump roast
       4 ea Anchovies, chopped (opt)            1 ea Onion, minced
       2 t  Salt                                1 ea Bay leaf
      15 ea Peppercorns                         1 T  Brown sugar
       1 T  Vinegar                             1 T  Whiskey
       1 c  Water
   Melt butter in a heavy kettle or deep frying pan.  Add beef roast and
   brown well on all sides.
   Add anchovies, onion, salt, bay leaf, peppercorns, sugar vinegar, whiskey
   and water.  Cover tightly and cook slowly 2 to 2-1/2 hours or until meat
   is tender.
   Serve roast with the pan juice.  (The pan juice may be thickened for
   gravy.  One-half cup of cream added makes a delicious gravy.)
 From: Ken Gomberg
 To: GOFFIGL; Multiple recipients of list EAT-L
 Subject: Help in 3 hours?
 Date: Tuesday, May 21, 1996 8:41AM
 Help. I've got a 4.48 pound “back rump roast”. I've got no idea how to cook
 it? I know it takes like 4 hours... It’s now 8:15 AM. Can anybody email me
 or the list a good recipe. PS- I like *SPICY*.But it doesn't have to be. Any
                        Ken Gomberg
                        Belgrade Lakes, Maine