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                                MEL'S PAELLA
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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Chicken                          Seafood
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                         -Melanie Miguel MJNT73C
      1/2   c            Olive Oil
      1/4   lb           Boneless chicken breasts
      1/4   lb           Pork Tenderloin
    3                    Garlic Cloves -- crushed
    1                    Large onion, sliced thin
    1                    Red Bell Pepper
    1       c            Frozen peas
      1/8   ts           Saffron
    1       t            Paprika
    4       c            Chicken Broth
    1       c            Dry White Wine
    1       lb           Chorizo -- sliced 1 thick
   12                    Littleneck clams
   12                    Blue Mussels
      1/4   lb           Squid
    2                    Lobster Tails -- cut in thirds
      1/2   lb           Large Shrimp
    3                    Crab Legs -- halved
    2       c            Raw rice (not converted)
   Heat a paella pan, large skillet, or dutch oven on
   med. high heat. Add the olive oil and the chicken and
   pork, which have been cut into slices 1/4 thick.
   Brown the meat and remove from pan. Add the onion,
   garlic, and chorizo. Remove when the onion is
   translucent and the chorizo is browned. Add the rice,
   stirring constantly until it is a golden brown color.
   Add the wine and allow to come to a boil. Turn the
   heat down to a simmer.
   In a separate saucepan, or in the microwave, heat the
   chicken broth and add the paprika and saffron to it.
   Do this ahead of time. Slowly add the seasoned broth
   to the rice and stir well. Add the already cooked
   meats, onion, and garlic. Stir again. Arrange the red
   pepper, sliced in 1/4 thickness around the edge of
   the pan, forming a pattern. In between the pepper
   slices and in the middle of the pan, place all
   remaining ingredients. Try to distribute them evenly
   so that they form a nice pattern. Sprinkle the peas
   all over the top. Cover loosely with aluminum foil and
   allow to cook until all moisture is absorbed and the
   fish is cooked. If you use a paella pan you will have
   to keep checking to be sure that the rice on the outer
   edges is cooking. If it isn't, gently push the rice
   towards the center, trying not to disturb your
   pattern. Otherwise, allow to cook undisturbed. Discard
   any clams (*) or mussels (*) that do not open. * Be
   sure to clean the clams and mussels well before using.
   Discard any that are already open.
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