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       Title: Broiled Spanish Mackerel
  Categories: Wildgame, Fish
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 ea Spanish mackerel, 3 lb
       1 ea Lemon, sliced
       1 T  Salad oil
       1 x  Parsley garnish
       1 T  Butter
       1 ea Sauce a la Maitre D'Hotel
       1 ea Lemon, juice of
   Before broiling rub thoroughly with salt, brush with pepper and work
   in a little olive oil. Lay on broiler and brown well on both sides,
   being careful not to break it. Apply sauce and serve. If fish is
   large, split down middle of back before broiling. Source: FISHES AND
   FISHING IN LOUISIANA published 1933 Recipe date: 01/17/33