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                      PORTUGUESE ALMOND & POTATO CAKE
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 Serving Size  : 10   Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Cakes
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1       lg           Baking potato, about 10
    1       c            Almonds, with skins
    2       ts           Baking powder
    3       lg           Eggs, separated
      3/4   c            Sugar
      1/4   c            Unsalted butter, softened
    1       tb           Brandy
      1/2   ts           Almond extract
                         Powdered sugar
                         Marzipan “potatoes,”
                         -optional (see recipe)
   Bake or microwave potato until soft.  Force pulp
   through a coarse sieve or potato ricer.  There should
   be 1 cup lightly packed.  Set aside to cool.
   Preheat oven to 350F.  Butter sides of an 8 1/2-inch
   spring form pan, line base with a circle of baking
   parchment; butter the parchment. Using a nut mill,
   grind almonds to powder, stir in baking powder; set
   Beat egg whites until they start to stiffen, sprinkle
   with half of the sugar, a little at a time, and
   continue beating until stiff and glossy.
   Beat butter with remaining sugar, then beat in egg
   yolks, brandy, and almond extract.  Using a large
   rubber spatula, fold in potato, ground almonds and egg
   Spoon into prepared pan; bake for 35 to 40 minutes,
   until a tester comes out dry.  Let cool in pan for 10
   Run a knife blade around edge before releasing sides
   of pan.  Place cake, on the base, on a rack and let
   cool completely.  Cake will sink slightly in the
   middle.  Reverse cake onto a plate, peel off paper and
   place right side up on a serving plate.  Dust with
   powdered sugar before serving.
   MARZIPAN “POTATOES”:  You'll need 4 ounces marzipan or
   almond paste and powdered unsweetened cocoa.
   Pinch off pieces of marzipan and roll into elongated
   balls, each about the size of a large marble.  Make
   these slightly irregular, like tiny new potatoes.
   Roll in cocoa to simulate brown potato skin. Cut
   several in half to show the white interior.  Arrange a
   little group on top of the cake, and place the rest in
   twos and threes around the edge of the plate.
   Serves 10.
   PER SERVING:  235 calories, 5 g protein, 23 g
   carbohydrate, 14 g fat (5 g saturated), 76 mg
   cholesterol, 131 mg sodium, 2 g fiber.
   From an article by Jacqueline Mallorca, San Francisco
   Chronicle, 2/24/93.
   Posted by Stephen Ceideberg; March 2 1993.
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