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  Categories: Soups
       Yield: 24 servings
       2    Onion; chopped
       6    Garlic clove; chopped
       6 T  Olive oil
       1 lb Beef sausage; chunked
      10 c  Beef stock
      16 oz Kidney beans; with liquid
       1    Cabbage; cored & chopped
      12    Potato, new; quartered
     1/4 c  Balsamic vinegar
      16 oz Catsup
            Salt; to taste
            Pepper; to taste
   Pour oil into LARGE, HUMONGOUS, GIGANTIC stock or stew pot and saut#
   onions and garlic in it, just until soft and transparent. Add sausage
   chunks and brown slightly.  Add beef stock and all other ingredients.
   Bring to a boil, stirring often to keep the bottom of the pan from
   burning.  Reduce heat, simmer 35-45 minutes or longer, stirring occa-
   sionally. Correct seasonings to taste.  The recipe SAYS that it yields
   one gallon, but it’s really much more. The hardest part of this recipe
   is the chopping. You should cut up everything ahead of time (potatoes,
   sausage, cabbage, onions, garlic), so you can just dump it all into
   the pot when you're ready.
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