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       Title: Tsourekia- Greek Easter rolls
  Categories: Breads, Yeast, Ethnic
       Yield: 3 dozen
       2 pk Dry yeast
       1 c  Warm milk
     1/2 lb Butter
       1 c  Sugar
       6    Eggs
   2 1/2 lb Flour
   Dissolve yeast in the warm milk until foamy. Meanwhile
   beat butter and sugar together quite well. beat in
   eggs.Mix in the dissolved yeast. then mix in the
   flour, adding enough to form a non sticky dough,
   kneading smooth and elastic. Cover dough in bowl and
   let rise double. Punch down and shape into desired
   rolls. Let rise puffy. Bake 350 for 10 minutes than
   325 until golden and done, another 15 minutes or
   so.Note: dough can also be shaped into loaves if
   desired. Recipe may be cut in half easily.