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                      ARNAKI SE FILLO (LAMB IN FILLO)
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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Greek                            Meats
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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                         Karen Mintzias
    6                    Boneless lamb leg steaks *
                         Freshly ground black pepper
    2       tb           Butter or oil
    2       md           Onions -- sliced
    1                    Garlic clove
   12                    Fillo sheets
      1/2   c            Butter -- melted
    3       md           Tomatoes -- peeled
    1       t            Rigani or oregano
  125       g            Feta cheese -- cut in 6 slices
   *Note: Lamb steaks should be about 2 cm (3/4 inch)
   Serves: 6 Oven temperature: 200 C (400 F) Cooking
   time: 25-30 minutes
   Trim steaks of most of the fat and shape neatly -
   trimmings can be used in a ground lamb dish.  Season
   with pepper.
   Heat butter or oil in a frying pan and brown steaks
   quickly on each side - do not cook through.  Lift out
   onto a dish and leave until cool.  Add onions to pan
   and fry gently until transparent, add garlic and
   remove from heat.
   Brush a sheet of fillo pastry with melted butter and
   place another sheet on top, brushing again with
   butter.  Fold in half to make almost a square of
   fillo.  Put aside and cover wtih a dry tea towel, then
   one dampened with warm water.  Repeat with remaining
   fillo to give 6 prepared squares. Take one square and
   brush top with butter - leave remaining pastry
   covered. Place a lamb steak in the centre and season
   lightly with salt. Top with onion-garlic mixture and
   cover with 2 slices of tomato.  Sprinkle with a little
   rigani, salt and pepper and place a slice of feta
   cheese on top. Bring up ends of fillo pastry and
   double-fold over top.  Fold in ends as you would a
   package then tuck ends underneath.  This is known as a
   the chemist’s (druggist’s) fold.  Place on a buttered
   baking tray.  Repeat with remaining ingredients.
   Brush tops and sides of packages lightly with melted
   butter and bake in a preheated hot oven for 15
   minutes.  Serve immediately if possible, though they
   will survive in the oven with heat turned off for
   about 10 minutes. Garnish with parsley sprigs and
   serve with boiled green beans or zucchini dressed with
   olive and lemon juice.
   Note:  Medallions of lamb cut from a trimmed loin can
   be used instead of the steaks.  You will require 12,
   and place 2 in each package.
   From: “The Complete Middle East Cookbook” by Tess
   Mallos. ISBN: 1 86302 069 1
   Typed for you by Karen Mintzias
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