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       Title: Souvlaki Gyros
  Categories: Sandwiches, Greek, Meats, Sauces
       Yield: 8 maincourse
 ------------------------NORMA WRENN------------------------
       2 lb Lean boneless lamb leg;
            -1-1/2 cubes
     2/3 c  Onions; chop
     2/3 c  Fresh parsley
     2/3 c  Olive oil
     1/3 c  Fresh lemon juice
       2 tb Garlic; mince
       2 tb Dried oregano leaves
       1 tb Fresh ground black pepper
       1 ts Salt
            Red Pepper Mayonnaise or
       1 md Onion; slice thin
       1 tb Red wine vinegar
       8    8 Homemade Pita Breads
       2 c  Romaine lettuce; shred
       2 md Tomatoes; halve, slice thin
            Tabasco or hot sauce; opt
       8    Metal skewers or presoaked
            -8 long bamboo skewers
   Place the lamb cubes in a large nonreactive mixing
   bowl. Combine all the marinade ingredients in the bowl
   of a food processor fitted with the metal blade, and
   process to a puree. Pour the marinade over the lamb.
   Using your hands, toss the meat to coat well with the
   marinade. Cover and let marinate for at least 4 hours
   at room temp or refrigerate overnight. Prepare the
   mayonnaise and/or tzatziki, cover and refrigerate.
   Toss the onion with the vinegar, cover, and
   refrigerate. Wrap the pitas in foil and keep warm Š in
   a preheated 350~ oven while you cook the lamb. Bring
   the lamb to room temp. Thread the lamb cubes onto the
   skewers. Prepare a medium-hot fire in a grill. Place
   the lamb brochettes on the grill and cook, turning
   them frequently, until the lamb is medium rare, about
   7 minutes. Transfer the brochettes to a warm platter,
   and remove the lamb from the skewers. These can also
   be broiled. Set out the pita breads, lamb, the
   mayonnaise and/or tzatziki, onion, lettuce, and
   tomatoes at the table for guests to help themselves.
   Spread some mayonnaise or tzatziki over a pita.
   Distribute a few cubes of lamb on the bread and top
   with onion, lettuce, and tomatoes. Sprinkle with a few
   drops of Tabasco sauce, if desired, roll up the pita,
   and eat the sandwich out of hand. If you use
   store-bought instead of homemade pocketless pita
   breads, reheat them before serving. To reheat, wrap
   them in foil in stacks of 2. Place the foil-wrapped
   pita breads in a preheated 400~ oven until they are
   soft, about 15 minutes. Source: Cooking Under Wraps;
   Nicole Routhier