MMMMM----- Meal-Master Recipe via Home Cookin 2.8
       Title: Dolmathes - Stuffed Grape Leaves - Greek
  Categories: Home Cookin,
       Yield: 4
       1    ½ pounds onions
       1 c  olive Oil
       1    ¾ cup rice
            ½ cup parsley
       2 tb dill
            ½ teaspoon mint
       2    lemons, juiced
     1-2 tb pine nuts
       1    jar grape leaves
            Garnish: lemon wedges
   From J.R. Brimmer III
   Sauté onions in olive oil.
   Add rice & brown lightly.
   Cook rice according to directions with half the lemon juice.
   Add dill, mint, parsley, & pine nuts.
   Rinse grape leaves in cold water.  Remove stems and place 1
   tablespoon of rice mixture on dull side folding in sides &
   rolling up leaves.
   Put in 10x13 pan, open end down.  Cover with remaining oil, lemon
   juice and enough water to cover at least 1/2 the dolmathes.
   Cover with aluminum foil & place in a 375°F oven for 45 minutes.
   When cool stack on a plate, cover with plastic wrap and
   refrigerate for 1 day.
   Serve with lemon wedges.
   Comment from JRB:  This recipe is similar to the cold Dolmathes   served
 at the Parthenon Restaurant in Chicago.  There are 2  varieties, hot and
 cold.  I prefer the cold version.