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      title: pesto souffle
 categories: french
   servings: 8
       2 c  fresh basil leaves
       3 t  garlic
     1/4 c  pine nuts
       1 c  parmesan cheese
     1/2 c  olive oil
     1/2 t  salt
     1/2 c  unsalted butter
     1/3 c  flour
       1 c  milk
     1/4 t  white pepper
     1/4 t  freshly ground nutmeg
       8 ea egg yolk
     1/4 c  scallions
       4 c  tomato concasse
      10 ea egg white
 combine basil, garlic, pine nuts, one-third of the parmesan cheese, and
 half the salt in a food processor 
 process to chop fine 
 with machine running, add oil in a thin-steady stream process until
 thickened, set aside 
 butter large souffle dishes 
 sprinkle each with parmesan cheese, set aside 
 heat three-fourths of the butter in a skillet, over a medium flame 
 whisk in flour, heat and stir to make a pale-blond roux gradually whisk
 in milk
 heat and stir until thickened 
 season to taste with half of the remaining salt, white pepper, and nutmeg
 mix in yolks, a tablespoon at a time, until well blended 
 saute scallions in remaining butter to soften 
 add tomatoes, heat and stir over a moderate flame, until liquid nearly
 remove from heat 
 combine with pesto and cheese mixture-mix well 
 beat whites and remaining salt together, until stiff 
 stir one-fourth of whites into souffle mixture-mix well gently fold in
 remaining whites 
 pour into prepared souffle dishes 
 place into a 400 degree oven
 reduce heat to 375 
 bake @ 375 degrees for 30-35 minutes 
 serve at once