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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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    3                    Eggs
                         Walnut sized piece of butter
    1       oz           Grated Gruyere or Cheddar
                         -----FOR THE CROUTONS-----
      1/2                Slice White Bread
    1       tb           Oil
   French omelettes are quite thick, so the size of the
   pan is important, for a 3 egg omelette you need a
   5-inch frying pan, 10-inches for a 6 egg omelette and
   so on.
   Cut the bread into small squares of about half to
   quarter of an inch. Fry them in oil gently and remove
   from the pan as soon as they turn golden. Wipe the pan
   out and put in the butter.
   In a bowl lightly beat the three eggs. Heat the butter
   until it hisses. The moment it stops hissing pour in
   the three beaten eggs and with the back of a fork,
   scramble them in the hot butter for about a minute
   until all the egg is cooked.
   When it looks sort of soft scrambled addd the cheese,
   sprinkle over the croutons and season.
   While the middle is still a little moist, fold it with
   a palette knife or fork and tip it onto a warm plate.
   The omelette will go on cooking for another 35 seconds
   to a minute after you have taken it out so unless you
   like eggy shoe leather, take it out of the pan just
   before it is cooked.
   It is a wonderful omelette, slightly soft in the
   middle, crunchy and cheesy.
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