450 g beef, cubed  (1 pound)
 450 g pork, cubed  (1 pound)
 2 carrots  (peeled and cubed)
 Small swdish turnip  (peeled and cubed)
 Onion  (peeled and chopped)
 Black peppers (ten to twenty)
 Bay leaf or two
 salt to taste
 Brown the meat in butter in a hot frying pan or a pot (one 
 of those stovetop-oven-proof). It is easiest to do it a little 
 at a time. Saute the onion. Place all ingredients in the pot. 
 Add enough water to cover. Place lid on top and put in 
 150 C oven. Stir every now and then. 
 The stew is done when meat starts to fall apart. It takes at 
 least three hours, but this stew can stay in the oven for 
 hours. It is really very forgiving, just make sure the meat 
 does not dry. If there is too much water, you can place the 
 pot without lid on hot stove and let some of the water 
 evaporate. If you want more taste, feel free to add broth 
 instead of water.
 Serve with mashed potatoes and grated carrots.