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  Categories: Seafood, Cheese/eggs, Ethnic
       Yield: 12 servings
       8 lg Lettuce leaves
       6    Eggs, hard-cooked and cut
            -into quarters
      12    Shelled and deveined cooked
            -small shrimp
       3 oz Each smoked salmon and
            -smoked herring or
            -whitefish, thinly
       2 oz Each sliced boiled ham and
            -rare roast beef
       2 oz Each Danish blue cheese and
            -Danish hard cheese, cut
            -into cubes
       3 md Tomatoes, cut into wedges or
       3 sm Apples, cored, cut into
            -wedges, and dipped in lemon
       3 sm Oranges, peeled and
     1/2 c  Sliced onion
      24    Pimiento-stuffed green
       6    Dill pickles, cut lengthwise
            -into quarters
     1/3 c  Plus 2 teaspoons each
            -mayonnaise, prepared
            -mustard, prepared
            Horseradish, and seafood
            -cocktail sauce
      12    Thin slices rye bread (1/2
            -ounce each)
   4 1/2 oz Crispbread
   Line 2 large wooden serving boards or 2 trays with 4
   lettuce leaves each. On each board (or tray)
   decoratively arrange 12 egg quarters, 6 shrimp, 1 1/2
   ounces each salmon, and herring (or whitefish), 1
   ounce each ham, roast beef, and cheeses, half each of
   the tomatoes and fruits, 1/4 cup onion slices, 12
   olives, and 12 pickle spears. Spoon mayonnaise,
   mustard, horseradish, and cocktail sauce into
   individual serving dishes and set out near serving
   boards. Serve bread slices and crispbread in
   napkin-lined basket. Makes 12 servings.