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       Title: Still More Smørrebrød
  Categories: Danish, Sandwiches, Ceideburg 2
       Yield: 1 servings
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   ITALIAN SALAD: (Italiensk Salat)
   Mix together cooked diced carrots, finely cut asparagus, small peas
   and mayonnaise.  If home-made mayonnaise is used, add a few drops of
   tarragon vinegar just before stirring in the vegetables.
   Press a lettuce leaf as tightly as possible on buttered bread and put
   a thick layer of Italian salad on top; decorate with tomato slices
   and cress.
   TOMATO AND EGG:  (Tomat og Aeg)
   On one half of a piece of buttered bread place slices of hard boiled
   egg. On the other half arrange slices of tomato.  Garnish with cress.
   TOMATO WITH RAW ONION:  (Tomat med raa Loq)
   Top the buttered bread with several slices of tomato and put a pile of
   finely chopped, raw onions in the center.
   ROAST BEEF AND FRIED EGG:  (Bof med Spejlaeg)
   Place tender slices of cold roast beef on buttered bread.  Fry onions
   in deep fat until brown and crisp and spread a layer of these on each
   slice of beef.
   Top with fried eggs and serve before the egg cools.  (Danish fried
   eggs are never turned).
   RAW BEEF AND EGG:  (Tartar med Aeg)
   Scrape a piece of raw beef, preferably very fresh, off the sinews
   with a sharp knife and put a 1/2 inch layer on a piece of buttered
   bread. Make a hollow in the center of the meat, circle it with a ring
   of raw onion, and place a raw egg yolk in the center.  Put small
   piles of raw, chopped onions, shredded horseradish, capers, and
   pickles at each end.
   HAM AND SCRAMBLED OR FRIED EGG:  (Skinke nied Roraeg eller Spejlaeg)
   Butter the bread and spread it with a piece of lean boiled ham.  Top
   it either with a strip of scrambled egg, sprinkled with finely cut
   chives, or with a freshly fried, warm egg.
   HAM, PIGEON BREAST AND MUSHROOMS:  (Skinke med Duebryst)
   Butter a piece of dark rye bread and top with a good sized slice of
   ham. Add 1/2 or whole pigeon’s breast cut nicely off the breastbone,
   and top the whole thing with stewed mushrooms and a thin slice of
   homemade liver paste.
   LIVER PASTE 1:  (Leverpostej 1)
   Put 1 lb. liver through the grinder together with 2 onions.  Put 1
   lb. fat pork twice through the grinder.  Mix fat and liver with 1
   tablespoon salt and 1 tablespoon pepper.  Put in a fireproof dish and
   bake in a slow oven for 1 hour.  The paste must not become too dark
   on top.
   Put thick layers of cold paste on buttered bread.  In winter the
   Danes put slices of pickled cucumber and strips of jellied consomme
   on top, and in summer a small dish of fresh cucumber salad is served
   so that you can put some of this on top yourself.  Don't do it until
   the last minute, however, or both cucumber and liver paste may become
   From “Danish Cookery” by Suzanne, Andr. Fred. Host & Son, Copenhagen,
   Posted by Stephen Ceideberg; March 9 1993.