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       Title: Red Curry Sauce
  Categories: Condiments, Spices, Sauces, Thai
       Yield: 1 1/2 cups
            RED CURRY SAUCE
       1 tb Fried garlic in oil
       1 tb Fried shallots in oil
       4 tb Red prik kaeng (chili paste)
       1 c  Coconut milk
       2 tb Prik chi fa daeng
            (red jalapenas),
            Sliced finely
       2 tb 'ginger'
       2 tb Fish sauce
            Pinch of sugar
   The common thread of all these is to prepare a sauce base. Similar
   sauces can be made from any Thai curry paste: the basic method is
   simple: the paste is fried, dissolved in coconut milk, and a
   colorant, taste extender and flavor element are added.
   Note fried garlic in oil and fried shallots in oil are so basic that
   most Thai cooks keep some ready made. It will keep in the fridge for
   two or three months. It is best made in a small deep fat frier.
   However if you don't have any put a tablespoon of oil in a medium hot
   wok and stir fry a tablespoon of garlic (or shallots) until they just
   change color and the oil becomes aromatic.
   In a wok heat (or cook) the garlic and shallots, and add the prik
   kaeng, and stir until combined and aromatic. In a wok push it up the
   side of pan away from the heat. If you are using a saucepan remove
   and set aside.
   Heat the coconut milk until nearly boiling and lower the heat. Add the
   chili paste, a quarter at a time, and stir until dissolved.
   Now add the remaining ingredients, and stir until heated through.
   You can increase or reduce the shallots/garlic and chili paste
   together by a factor of two (ie if you halve the chili paste, halve
   the garlic and shallots also. If you double them double them all).
   Similarly the jalapenas, ginger and fish sauce can be adjusted by up
   to a factor of two to give the flavor balance you want.
   'ginger' gives the dish and afterburn. You can use any mixture of
   khing (common green ginger), kha (galangal), or kachai (lesser
   ginger) you wish. Walt Colonel Ian F. Khuntilanont-Philpott