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 Thai Basil Chicken
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 Serving Size:   4
 Preparation Time:       0:15
 Categories:     Poultry Main Dishes     
 Amount  Measure Ingredient      Preparation Method
 1       pound   ground chicken  
 4       cloves  garlic  
 4               green onions    chopped
 2       tablespoons     peanut oil      
 4       small   red chiles      finely chopped
 3/4     cup     basil leaves    chopped
 2       tablespoons     fish sauce      
 Heat up a wok; add oil & stir fry garlic and green onions until tender 
 but NOT browned, about 1-2 minutes.  Add chili peppers and cook, 
 stirring, about 1 minute more.  Add chicken and stir-fry until cooked 
 through.  Stir in basil & fish sauce; mix thoroughly.  Serve over 
 rice, if desired.