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       Yield: 1 servings
       2    Dozen ma'oa [turbot snails]
            -or pahua [clams]
     500 g  Taioro [juice of grated
            -coconuts, seawater and
       3    Onions
       2    Garlic cloves
            Salt and pepper
   Here’s an illustrative recipe from “Tahitian Cooking”.
   The turbot snails are available around here++in pet stores for
   something like eight bucks a pop!  They might be available in a
   Chinese seafood market for a reasonable price.  I'll check the next
   time I'm up that way.
   The snail of the ma'oa may be extracted from the shell either by
   breaking the shells with a hammer or by boiling them for a few
   minutes if you wish to keep the shells intact.  Wash the snails and
   remove the pocket of black matter.  In the case of the pahua, a
   bivalve, the muscle adhering to the shell should be severed, the
   animal extracted from the shell, and the black matter removed.  Soak
   in fresh water for a few hours. Mix with the taioro, then add the
   chopped onions and garlic plus seasoning. Serve at room temperature.
   [Note that there’s no mention of actually cooking the stuff...  S.C.]
   From “Tahitian Cooking”, Michel Swartvagher and Michel Folco. le
   editions du pacifique, Papeete-Tahiti, 1980.  ISBN 2-85700-062-6.
   Posted by Stephen Ceideberg; September 13 1992.