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                              MEXICAN TORTILLA SALAD
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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 	      5  cups	       plus 3 tablespoons corn oil, -- divided		  
 	    16		      corn tortillas, -- julienned;			  
 	  1/2  cup	     cooked, drained black beans			  
 	  1/2  cup	     1/4-inch diced jicama				  
 	  1/2  cup	     1/4-inch diced red bell pepper			  
 	  1/2  cup	     1/4-inch diced yellow bell pepper			  
       1 1/2  tablespoons   fresh lime juice					  
 	      1  tablespoon    finely chopped fresh cilantro			  
 	      2 	       Serrano chilies, -- seeded and finely chopped	  
 Heat 5 cups corn oil to 325 degrees in a deep fryer or high-sided saucepan. When
hot, add half of
 the tortilla strips. Stirring constantly, fry for 35 seconds or until crisp. Do
not overcook or tortillas
 will lose their color and burn. Remove from oil with a slotted spoon and drain on
paper towels.
 Repeat with remaining tortillas. 
 In a large bowl combine beans, jicama, bell peppers, 3 tablespoons corn oil, lime
juice, cilantro and
 chilies; season to taste with salt and toss to mix. Gently toss in tortilla
threads, being careful not to
 break them but making sure they are well coated with dressing. Serve immediately. 
 * Red and blue corn tortillas may be found at Mexican markets or specialty food
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