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                            POZOLE JALISCO 1H16
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 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Main Dish                        Ethnic
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    5       lb           Pork meat (combination, tende
    1       x            Butt and neck bones.
    2       tb           Salt
    1       x            Accompaniments:
    1       x            Salsa picante
    1       x            Onion-minced
    1       x            Lettuce, shredded
    1       x            Lime wedges
    1       x            Radish, sliced
    1       x            Oregano
    1       x            Tortilla, toasted
    1       x            Red pozole:
    1       x            Garlic cloves, minced
    4       ea           Red chiles, dried
    1       x            Green pozole (pozole verde)
    1       ea           Chicken, small, cut in half
    1       lb           Tomatillos, fresh
      1/3   c            Oil
    4       ea           Chiles, green
    1       ea           Lg Onion
    2       ea           Epazote sprigs
    2       ea           Hoja santa sprigs
    1 1/2   c            Pumpkin seeds, hulled, toast
   2 days ahead:Put 1 pound whole white corn kernels
   (hominy) to soak in a pot, covered with water,
   overnight. NEXT DAY: Change water and bring to a
   boil.Place one heaping teaspoon unslaked lime in one
   cup cold water and add it to the corn through a
   strainer.Boil the corn 12 minutes. Cover, and let
   stand 1/2 hour. Wash the corn in water several times,
   removing the thin sheaths on the kernels as you
   go.Rinse again.Keep refrigerated. On day of
   preparation: Bring to a boil 5 pounds pork
   meat (combination pork tenderloin, shoulder, butt and
   neck bones). Lower to a simmer for one hour. At same
   time, place the hominy in fresh, cold water about 14
   cups-and bring to a brisk boil for about one hour. The
   kernels should open. After the hour, remove the pork
   from its pot and cut into serving size pieces.Add the
   pieces of pork to the hominy (corn).Add 2 Tablespoons
   salt and alow to cook, uncovered about 4 hours on a
   slow simmer Reserve liquid pork broth from meat and
   maintain in another pot, simmering.  This should be
   added to the hominy as needed. ACCOMPANIMENTS: Salsa
   picante, finely chopped onion, shredded lettuce or
   cabbage, lime wedges sliced radish, oregano, toasted
   tortilla To change to RED POZOLE: Add to the pozole,
   at the same time you add the meat, the following: 6
   crushed garlic cloves; 4 dried red chiles (of the large
   variety), such as ancho or guajillo-although any type
   will do. The chiles should first be slightly charred
   and then soaked in 1 cup hot water.Then remove stems
   and seeds and puree in blender with the water.
   Continue cooking as before.
    For POZOLE VERDE (green pozole) After Pozole has been
   cooking for 2 hours add:1 small chicken, cut in half;
   1 pound fresh tomatillos, husked, washed blended, and
   briefly fried in 1/3 cup veg shortening;4 small green
   chiles;one large chopped onion;2 sprigs each epazote
   and hoja santa;1 1/2 cups hulled untoasted
   pumpkinseeds (which you should toast yourself till they
   begin to pop; Notes: Basic instructions are for white
   pozole. Add ingredients shown if you wish to make red
   or green pozole. MELANIE MIGUEL (MJNT73C)
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