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       Title: Poblano Sauce for Chicken or Spaghetti (Mexican)
  Categories: Mexican, Sauces, Chicken, Pasta
       Yield: 1 cup
     3/4 c  Cream
       1    Or 2 chiles poblanos
            Salt and Pepper
   Peel and deveined the Poblanos, cut in slices, put in the blender
   with the cream, salt and pepper. This sauce can be used over the
   spaghetti or chicken. This sauce cannot be warmed too much, it do not
   have to be boiling, is better to use the microwave for to warm the
   dishes or the oven if the dish is cover with plastic wrap.
   For Spaghetti: cook the spaghetti as usual and cover with the sauce,
   you can add some cheese and then warm in the microwave.
   For Chicken: cook the chicken with water and some vegetables
   (optional) or as ususal, cover with this sauce and warm in the
   microwave. VARIATIONS: instead or cream you can use cheese cream or
   both. Also you can add the chiles poblanos as you want.
   Patricia Wriedt.